Estate Planning

I provide competent and expedient preparation of your:

  1. Last Will & Testament;
  2. Trust Agreement;
  3. Power of Attorney; and/or
  4. Advance Directive to Physicians (a/k/a “Living Will”)

I recognize the needs of my clients in safekeeping their personal and confidential information and records. I also recognize that some clients may have difficulty in mobilizing this information for a meeting in my office, so I will be glad to make the initial visit in your home or office, so that the information needed to prepare your estate plan can be gathered timely and efficiently.


FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION!  Since each matter is different, I will initially meet with you to discuss your estate planning needs on a complimentary basis either in your home or office or in my office. I have a Masters Degree in Finance (with Honors) from Oklahoma City University.  I have a special desire to tailor an individualized estate plan for each client. Therefore, my fees for these services are very reasonable and competitive!  They are based on the time it will take me to analyze your estate and complete the work we have agreed upon.  I will give you an early estimate of the fee involved.   Please email or call me to schedule the initial consultation.

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We can be reached during the following hours:

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NO SOLICITATION-I respectfully request that you do not contact my office to solicit any products or services whatsoever by any means (email or telephone/fax solicitation).  Thank you kindly for accomodating this request!

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